Monday, July 14, 2008

E3 Day 1

So we got some cool stuff from Microsoft's Press Conference including:

Fallout 3 exclusive DLC on 360
Resident Evil 5 coming with co-op play
Gears of War 2 having a 5 player co-op mode
Complete Xbox Dashboard overhaul
Xbox Live Avatars
Lips from iNiS, the makers of Elite Beat Agents
Portal: Still Alive exclusively on 360
A South Park XBLA game
Galaga on XBLA
Rock Band 2 to have songs from Chinese Democracy haha!
Netflix Streaming service on Xbox Live
Full Hard Drive installs and 16:10 monitor support for Xbox
Uno Rush and Geometry Wars 2
Fable 2 is done and coming in October
and of course Final Fantasy XIII coming to Xbox 360

And from the Electronic Arts conference we found that:

Spore looks amazing
Dragon Age will be a console franchise as well
Left 4 Dead looks amazing
NBA Live 2009 will feature daily updates
iD Software's Rage to be published by EA
Mirror's Edge looks like it could be good

Great start E3 2008!

Microsoft's got some style

You've got to hand it to them, the way they played the internet today was great.

Square Enix's Wada comes on stage to show up some of his games coming to the Xbox 360, which are great but seen before.

Then Microsoft's Don Mattrick comes back to thank Wada and close out the press conference.

But oh wait, says Wada, there's just one more thing.

Bam, Final Fantasy XIII on X360.

Chaos ensues on the internet.