Wednesday, February 20, 2008

About the Golem

Here's a little about me. My first game machine was the Commodore 64. Although my dad claimed that computers had all sorts of useful purposes, I knew what it was really for. Soon after that I got a MS-DOS PC and we were really off to the races! It was also around then that I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons as well as Magic: The Gathering.

Of course, gaming could not be confined to a box in my room! By junior high, I'd started playing those crazy BBS door games such as TradeWars 2002 and Legend of Red Dragon. By high school I was MUDding and it was pretty much all over after that. Luckily I got in during the golden age of DikuMUDs with great places to explore such as Sojourn and Luminous Horizons.

Sometime in 1997 or so, I got the strange idea to start writing about games and started Golem's Computer Role Playing Games page, a fairly standard rip-off of Blue's News at the time, but still I think one of the earlier gaming blogs. Later on, I shuttered its doors when I went to be an editor for The Vault Network (later known as IGN Vault), one of the best CRPG sites ever established. When my focus started to shift towards consoles, I started up, which Dan "Shoe" Hsu (later of EGM fame) once told me was one of the sites he made sure to read everyday. That was pretty cool! More recently however, I mostly just spend my time trolling NeoGAF and hopefully this blog will prove to be a more productive outlet for my gaming thoughts. ;)

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